Caroling in perfect Harmony

In my 30 years of life I have only gone caroling once for the holidays.  I was maybe 11 or 12 when my church group decided to go door to door singing Christmas classics. We started by visiting people we knew and worked our way to the homes of strangers.  There are two things I remember about that day one I was cold and two I was embarrassed.  After all I was obliged to participate.  All my friends were going and I didn’t want them to look at me like a Debbie downer.  Caroling is something that is no longer seen; at least not in the metropolis known as New York City.  The truth is that the times are bad and going door to door isn’t advised.  Back in the 90’s we were with a large group of people under much supervision.

Caroling began back in the 19th century, and its original intent was not confined to Christmas songs alone.  Caroling involved a group of people going door to door at anytime of the year to sing to the residents of that town.  In spite of being frozen and a little embarrassed on the day that I went; I was overtaken by two things, and that was the joy that we evidently brought to the families we visited and that we all sang in perfect Harmony although we weren’t all singers.

At our center Harmony Social Adult Day Care Bronx, we are keeping this tradition alive by singing along to your favorite Christmas songs.  One of the many things we do here at Harmony is sing-alongs/karaoke.  I can honestly say that sing alongs and karaoke is one of our participant’s favorites.  Studies prove that singing aloud naturally changes your mood by making you happier.  Try it! Next time you’re feeling down or if you’re upset.  Personally it has worked for me.  Harmony at 154th street’s goal is to keep you happy and healthy.  We are sure that singing along to one of your favorite songs will drastically improve your mood.  Staying home, enclosed within 4 walls is not going to make anything better.  Come to Harmony and socialize with people that are just like you.  Just like my friends, and me we weren’t all singers, but we all sang in perfect harmony on that night.  Our participants are from different walks of life but when we come together it’s perfect.  Harmony at 154th is proud to say that we are more than just another center… We are your family away from home.  Whether you’re a singer or not; there is an activity for anything you fancy to drastically change your outlook on life.

Join us today, and be part of a growing community that refuses to succumb to inactivity, lethargy, depression, and hopelessness.  Be part of a community that holds on to independence, longevity, laughter, and good times.  That community is Harmony Social Adult Day Care.

At Harmony Social Adult Day Care, we believe everyone’s health is important, which is why we have all of our Certified Home Health Aides, Personal Care Aides, and staff trained efficiently, so that you or your loved ones are getting the right health professionals providing safe care at our facility. If you or someone you know is having difficulty with activities of daily living due to home confinement, please feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation at 718-741-5956. Or you can visit our website at or


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