The Comfort Zone

Happy New Year Everyone!  We have made it to a new year, and there is nothing stopping us from becoming who we were made to be.  Nothing stopping us but ourselves I should say.  A few months ago I wrote a blog called “What are you afraid of?”  This blog challenged the reader to not be afraid of making new steps in life with the goal of bettering themselves.  Unfortunately, some of you are still scared of what might happen if you stepped out of your comfort zone.  From experience; do you know what makes life worth living?  Taking chances! We take chances every day, and we don’t even realize it.  A simple example is when we eat.  There is a chance that you might choke on cheeseburger you are consuming; yet we still eat it because we hope for the best, and it tastes good.  Other people play the lottery and invest money with the hope of getting rich, or winning a little extra pocket cash.  Chances are a part of life, but it seems like we don’t mind taking chances that bring us satisfaction.  So; let me present you with a chance that will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.  Ready?..

Step out of your house.

Many people love staying home.  It is where we feel most comfortable, but if you live by yourself; as I do; you know how lonely it can get in there after a while.  What I do is step out of my house and find something productive to do.  This year flew by for me personally and that is because I kept myself busy.  Sadly many people (in specific the geriatric population) stay confined to their homes.  This is many times a product of depression caused by a loss in the family, or illness.  Many elderly people feel like their life has ended and they are no longer good for anything.  This is NOT true.  Harmony Social Adult Day strives to putting this flat out lie to rest once and for all by proving that life still goes on even in the golden years.  They are called golden years for a reason.  This time should be treasured because it is most valuable.  At Harmony Social Adult Day Care at 154th we want to see you shine like the gold that you are.  We want the latter years to be full of vibrant experiences that can stimulate and awaken the youth in all of us.

You can take many anti-depressive meds that have proven to be effective, but is this how you want to live? Taking anti-depressive meds for the rest of your life is not something you should settle for.  Fight this the natural way, and that is by becoming a participant at Harmony Adult Day Care.  Why Harmony at 154th? Because I strongly believe that our staff is unique.  Our staff has a way of reaching our participants in ways that cannot be obtained through meds alone.  We have noticed a significant change in the overall outlook of life in our participants.  Our interest lies in getting to know you and in giving you an amazing 8 hours a day.  Here at Harmony  health home care bronx at 154th you will meet other people that come from all walks of life, but that have one thing in common and that is that they all have decided to step out of their comfort zones and try out social adult day care.  Programs like Harmony at 154th have proven to change people’s frowns into permanent smiles, so allow us to do the same with you and/or your loved ones.  So take the chance many have already taken, but none have regretted.  Come to Harmony Social Adult Day Care. We believe that one day with us will kick off a change within you for a better, happier you.  Call us today and fill your new year with laughter and smiles.

At Harmony Social Adult Day Care, we believe everyone’s health is important, which is why we have all of our Certified Home Health Aides, Personal Care Aides, and staff trained efficiently, so that you or your loved ones are getting the right health professionals providing safe care at our facility. If you or someone you know is having difficulty with activities of daily living due to depression please feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation at 718-585-5440. Or you can visit our website

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