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Harmony Superstar

Many people tune in on a weekly basis to watch shows like “The Voice” or “American Idol” where talent from all over the US unite to win the ultimate title of being the next singing sensation.  All these people have one thing in common. They all want to be a Super Star!

Singing is just something everyone likes to do.  It is proven that singing aloud naturally makes you feel better.  I’ve tried it myself.  There have been times when I was feeling a little under the weather and just began singing along to one of my favorite songs in the car, and have felt significantly better.

Music is such a powerful thing.  Music has the power to change your mood, and here at Harmony we have adopted this concept. We put it to the test on a weekly basis.  We have noticed significant change in attitude, and outlook of our participants.  Instantly; one participant comes to mind. She joined our center with a diagnosis of chronic depression, and now she spends her days here with us dancing and singing to her favorite bachata songs.

On a weekly basis we have karaoke, and everybody loves it. Here we treat you like the superstar you really are. Sing anything from Anthony Santos to Smokey Robinson.  We have any and every song you may want to sing along to.  Maybe singing isn’t for you unless it is in the shower; our sound system and room acoustics will give you the reverb and tone that can make even a bad singer sound like Diana Ross.  The best thing about karaoke is that it’s just plain fun, and even more fun when done in a group.

Perhaps this sounds like something that you would like for yourself or a loved one.  Spending too much time at home isn’t good for anyone.  Mental and physical stimulus is very important to overall health.  At Harmony at 154th we help you stay active and independent longer. We also keep you healthy longer through fun and interactive activities.

If you want to try us out before making your decision you definitely can. We offer free one day passes to the center where you can enjoy different activities and rooms such as the cyber room, or relax room.  We provide free door to door transportation so call us today and speak with David  to set up a day to visit.  You won’t regret it. See you soon.

At Harmony Social Adult Day Care, we believe everyone’s health is important, which is why we have all of our Certified Home Health Aides, Personal Care Aides, and staff trained efficiently, so that you or your loved ones are getting the right health professionals providing safe care at our facility. If you or someone you know is having difficulty with activities of daily living due to depression, please feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation at 718-585-5440. Or you can visit our website at www.harmonyadultdaycare.com